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Easiest way to get professional commercial packshot photos.

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How brands are using Productai.

Get you professional commercial shots with unlimited styles.

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The fastest and easiest way to get professional commercial photos

Upload your existing product picture
Step 1

Upload a photo of your product. Best to use images with simple background.

Pick from library of premade scenes and generate photos
Step 2

Our state-of-the-art AI-model will process you images. No need to worry about prompting.

Download your favourites
Step 3

Finally, you will recieve AI generated product images through email in directly in the productai.

*heads-up: our AI-generated photos might not always be a perfect match with the originals. That's just the way generative AI works right now. But here's the cool part - we're on a mission to bridge that gap, and we're super excited that you've joined us on this ride. Thanks for being part of our vision and helping us push the boundaries of what's possible!*

The smartest investment for your business to growth!

Generate new product photos out of your current ones.

Standard plan
Standard plan
Lastest AI Model
500 photo exposures
Multiple scenes
HD resolution
5 min delivery
Lastest AI Model
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No credit card needed.

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